North 22nd Block Gangstaz Family

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North 22nd Block Gangstaz Family

Post  JohnRider on Wed Dec 28, 2011 10:37 am

North 22nd Block Gangstaz


North 22nd Block Gangstaz Owners are John Rider and (FG) Roger Collins
We want to make Gang becuse we need gangs
We have HQ i will send picture
Also please i wanna have Family to lead and make Crimes that Cops will have job
Thanks for reading

North 22nd Block Gangstaz Was created by John Rider,He created it becuse he needed money,he meeted his brother Roger Rider ( FG ) which helped him to make Family Bigger.North 22nd Block Gangstaz Haves Much weapons and also they have One Bomb to destroy one building.They are making Forces and Sub Families Special Forces.When they will grow up they will start Deals and Killing Targers.Currently Their Family is currently Not Popular ((offical)) they are going to recruit Every guys which loves Guns.

More coming soon

Oh and Ranks: Rank 1 : New Gangsta' Rank 2: Startin' Gangsta Rank 3: True' Gangsta Rank 4 Trusted Gangsta' Rank 5 Under Leader Rank 6 Boss of Gangstas

Skins are: SKIN ID 28,29,17,19,21,22. Skin id 217 For Business Owner in Family and Undercover guy skin id 249

Thanks for reading again


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Re: North 22nd Block Gangstaz Family

Post  N0FeaR on Wed Dec 28, 2011 5:21 pm

I accept this. but you need to show me hq

EDIT: that hq you find its mine.. cus i took it on morning. so you need find new one

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