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Civilian Defense Force Appliction Empty Civilian Defense Force Appliction

Post  N0FeaR on Thu Dec 22, 2011 1:06 pm

Copy the Appliction and make new topic

[center][color=blue][b][size=24]BC Civilian Defense Force[/b][/color][/size]

Full Name:
Sex: (Check One) [Male / Female]
Phone Number:
Blood Type:
Current Employment:
Do you have a Criminal Record? (Check One)[Yes / No]
If "Yes" please state for what:
Do you possess a Drivers License? (Check One)[Yes / No]
Do you possess a Gun License? (Check One)[Yes / No
Do you possess a Flight License? (Not needed but helps. Check One)[Yes / No]
Do you have any Medical Issues that we should know about?(Check One)[Yes / No]
If "Yes", please state them:
Are you on any medication? (Check One)[Yes / No]
Have you read and fully understood the LSPD Handbook? (Check One) [Yes / No]
Do you understand that you can have your badge taken without warning or notice for any reasons (( Only corrupt ones ))? (Check One) [Yes / No]
Do you understand that corrupt acts will have you INSTANTLY Blacklisted from any law faction? (Check One)[Yes / No]
Do you have any knowledge of being a cop ever? (Check One) [Yes / No]
Name some of the languages that you can speak fluently:
If you are accepted to LSPD will you stay loyal to it?
Any more comments:

I [Name Here] hereby agree that if i am accepted for LSPD. I swear on my life to uphold the law to the best of my ability. And swear to make the streets of Los Santos a better place for people to live. I Agree that i can be fired and blacklisted for any of the corrupt reasons. And i have read and understood the handbook to the best of my ability. I [Name Here] swear to uphold the law.

Signature: [u] [Name Here] [/u]              Date Signed: [u] [Date Here] [/u][/center]

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