[Guide] Proper use of /me and /do commands.

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[Guide] Proper use of /me and /do commands.

Post  John Land on Tue Dec 13, 2011 7:50 am

Hello. In this guide I will explain to you, how to use the /me and the /do commands properly.Those commands are the foundations and one of the most commonly used things in the RolePlay servers.
Let's start with the /me command.
The /me command is mainly used to announce the start, or the ending of a certain action from a player.
For example, I would like to RolePlay a smoker and I'm with some people in a bar. I would first start by taking out my pack of ciggaretes, then lighting the ciggarete up, then smoking it. In order to make the situation helpful for the /me command only, I will separate the /do command with "[" and "]".

/me looks arround, slowly puts his hand into his jacket - starts searching for something.
[/do Item found.]
/me slowly pulls out a box of ciggaretes and opens it.
[/do Blue Dunhill, almost full, with an ordinairly lighter inside.]
/me pulls out the lighter and one of the ciggaretes and slowly puts the ciggarete into his mouth.
[/do Still holding the ligher in his hand.]
/me uses his lighter to light up his ciggarete - inhales and exhales.
[/do You can observe a cloud of smoke slowly defuse in the air.]
Alright, I hope you got what I mean. Basicly, that's the use of the /me command.

Now, let's start with the /do command. The /do command is mostly used to announce constants and/or to describe items/persons, in order to increase the RolePlay of a certain situation. Here we go with another example let's say we would like to RolePlay as a hobo, a homeless person, and we would like RolePlaying sleeping on the street, or just a corner, or whereever you want.In order to make the situation helpful for the /do command only, I will separate the /me command with "[" and "]".

/do Carying an old backpack.
[/me puts the backpack on the ground and opens it - pulls out a blanket out of it.]
/do You can observe that the blanket is very dirty, most likely used many times.
[/me puts his backpack on the the blanket - lays down.]
/do The backpack is on the top-side of the blanket, my head is ontop of the backpack.
[/me closes his eyes.]

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